International Journal of Gynecologic Cancer

​​The International Journal of Gynecological Cancer, edited by Uziel Beller (Editor-in-Chief) and Gillian Thomas (Associate Editor-in-Chief) presents papers from throughout the global community of researchers covering many topics including basic science, epidemiology, diagnostic techniques, surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, pathology and experimental studies.

The Journal allows you to call on a roster of international experts for the latest research, advice, and knowledge in order to provide the best treatment for your patients.

IGCS 2014 Meeting abstracts will be published as an online supplement to the International Journal of Gynecological Cancer -Volume 24, November 2014, Supplement 4.

The Melbourne meeting abstracts ​are now posted in the meeting abstracts section of and are free for anyone to download.

The Meeting abstracts are located on the right-hand side half way down.

International Journal of Gynecological Cancer 

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